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Westinghouse 0101000 Saf-T-Brace, 4 Teeth with Locking Screw with 1-1/2 Inch Deep Box


Saf-T-Brace, 4 Teeth with Locking Screw with 1-1/2 Inch Deep Box

$ 27.50

Quickly and safely install any ceiling fan or lighting fixture in four easy steps--without having to access attic space--with the patented Saf-T-Brace. Ideal for installation during new construction or remodeling, this mounting brace can be put into finished ceilings through a 4-inch hole. This brace works with all ceiling fans, so you do not have to worry about size or compatibility. The brace's threaded multiple lead adjusts quickly. Each end includes four teeth for an extra-strong grip and screws into joists independently for added security and stability. For added ease, the electrical box can be positioned anywhere on the brace to fit your project needs. It also includes a Saf-T-Cap to protect bolts and wires during drywall installation and painting. The Saf-T-Brace comes with everything you need for installation, including easy-to-follow instructions. This brace works with existing ceiling joists between 16 and 24 inches wide.

Includes: Saf-T-Brace, which includes mounting brace, electrical box, mounting hardware, wire bushing, Romex connector, Saf-T-Cap, and instructions.

  • Patented design allows installation without needing to access attic space
  • Includes Saf-T-Cap to protect inner workings during drywall installation or painting
  • Install a ceiling fan of any size or style
  • Mount lighting fixture or chandelier
  • 1-1/2-inch depth
  • 15-1/2-cubic-inch dual-mount electrical box
  • Fits ceiling joists between 16 and 24 inches wide
  • Both ends independently screw into joists
  • Fast fingertip expansion and positive attachment
  • Four teeth easily grip and lock into ceiling joists
  • 8-32 threads for cover plates and lightweight lighting fixtures
  • 10-24 threads for ceiling fans and chandeliers
  • Six knockouts for conduit or Romex connections; includes one Romex connector